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Yes, there are plenty of real estate agents in Las Palmas for rent... but are they as efficient and reliable as Green Palm? You will see that it is not. We are known for the professional protection that we guarantee to our clients and their rental flats.


We take care of checking the solvency of the tenant and selecting him according to your requirements. This way you will have the security of leaving your apartment in the hands of trusted people. But this is not all, since we also take care of all the paperwork; from the applications, the drafting of a good contract and even the visits of the interested parties. And what do you do? relax! We take care of the entire rental process.
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So many options that you feel like your head is blowing? Well, it's time to leave it in the hands of experts. At Green Palm we will make your investment worth every euro, looking for that property that perfectly suits your needs.


We have a wide reach throughout the territory and we constantly update our selection of properties to find the building, premises or home that you have dreamed of.
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Say goodbye to worry about a good sale! At Green Palm we will take care of it.


We will make the assessment, the exclusive photo report that your property deserves, we will answer the calls, we will manage the visits... You just contact us and recover your peace of mind!
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Green Palm, your real estate agency
in Las Palmas

We put in your hands the best real estate opportunity of your life in the most impressive tropical paradise


We have the most exclusive selection of properties, whether you want to sell, buy or rent a property. We have the golden opportunity that you have been looking for so much!

We have the property you need

Our extensive residential offer is specifically designed for you to find that new space that you have dreamed of so much, and, best of all, in a place as charming and unique as Las Palmas.

We know the importance of combining detail, innovation and design, so we carefully analyze your requirements to help you select the most appropriate proposal.
And, if what you want is to sell your property!Congratulations! Our real estate Las Palmas is backed by the most prestigious portals and takes care of every detail to ensure a quick and hassle-free sale.

What distinguishes us at Green Palm?

Among so many real estate agencies in Las Palmas for rent, sale or purchase of properties, in Green Palm we have differentiated ourselves by our:

success guarantee

Our expert advisers who know the demands of the market perfectly, so they ensure fast and efficient management that will allow you to find the ideal real estate solution for you in Las Palmas.


We understand the value of your time, so we make sure to manage the negotiation with the greatest efficiency.


We create a detailed action plan, previously analyzing all your specific needs in order to generate the most appropriate solutions for you. We look for real estate proposals perfectly adapted to your budget and expectations.


We have a team of qualified professionals in key branches for the purchase, sale or rental of properties. They will be your allies in negotiations, legislation issues, marketing strategies and more.

At Green Palm we are much more than a real estate agency in Las Palmas, we are who will make your investment worthwhile with innovative strategies to meet the new demands of the real estate market.

Las Palmas Real Estate, Green Palm

At our Las Palmas Real Estate Agency we understand that market demands vary over time, and it is precisely this that has allowed us to always remain at the forefront of the best opportunities. We keep our team of professionals in constant training, thus guaranteeing the most successful negotiations when it comes to renting, selling or buying your property. We are not satisfied with being one of the best real estate agents in Las Palmas for rent, sale or purchase of homes, buildings or premises. We pursue excellence!

We are available to answer your questions.

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